Are American’s so desensitised they don’t know how to react?

Like most I have been following the news reports coming out of Orlando Florida. Having received an alert of the shooting I immediately took to twitter to find out what was going on. Or more to the point if I could find any livestreams from the nightclub. It did not take long to find a […]

Westminster, the real enemy

Seems to me that since the referendum Scotland’s pro-independence campaign have done what it always does after a defeat, starts fighting among itself. We have no voters coming to the yes movement on a daily basis. What must they think upon seeing all the infighting? These past months have saw egos getting in the way of […]

You don’t usually ask permission…

The mainstream media have had a field day this week. The reason, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s journey around the USA and in particular her appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they seemed to have missed the point entirely however, but hey, what is new? Sturgeon billed as a comedian confidently put show host […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Scotland, the tolerant nation, now becoming increasingly intolerant; well of lying scheming politicians, in this case Alistair Carmichael, the ex Scottish Secretary who now takes full responsibility for the memo leak. You all remember that memo, the one where Nicola and the French ambassador Sylvie Bermann were supposed to have some conversation where Nicola said […]