UDI: Undemocratic Declaration of Independence?

This week someone told me about their colleague who, having read my contributions on here, says they agree with everything I say, except on the concept of a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) which they believe would be “undemocratic”. So this post is for that person and others who are interested in how “democratic” or […]

Scotland after GE2015: Referendum or Revolution?

The weekend after the referendum in September, a public meeting was held at Dundee’s Bonar Hall asking: what next for the Yes movement? Before an audience of several hundred, one local activist suggested that this could be the “early days of the Scottish Revolution.” As a statement it seemed both too excessive and yet simultaneously […]

Are Nationalists more aggressive than everyone else on Twitter?

The BBC’s James Cook has been on the receiving end of some aggressive Twitter feedback after his interview with Nicola Sturgeon on Saturday. The Huffington Post has coverage here of what was said to whom by whom. According to the Huffington, the worst comment Cook received was being told that he was the “scum of […]

GE2015 and the Renationalisation of Aggression

During the Q & A session held at the end of Common Weal’s recent “Evening of the Left” (watch Indy Live’s video coverage here) an audience member complained that instead of pursuing the divisive rhetoric of class politics, we should adopt more inclusive language by referring, for instance, to “the people” rather than “the working […]