Prototype Written Constitution for a Scottish Secular Republic

Constitution of the Scottish Republic Preamble We, the people of the sovereign, free and democratic Republic of Scotland, for the love of our fair nation and proud countrymen and women, do hereby express and enact our collective will through this Scottish Constitution, the supreme and fundamental law of Scotland; which holds that the founding principles […]

“Great” Repeal Bill is Constitutional Vandalism Providing Irrefutable Grounds for Immediately Calling an Independence Referendum

By Dr Mark McNaught In retrospect, the ‘Great’ Repeal Bill (GRB) for Scots may turn out to be historically analogous to the 2010 Ruling of the Spanish Constitutional Tribunal over the Catalan Statute of Autonomy. Both of these acts constitute a revocation of many hard-won devolved powers. Both shall have dissolved the brittle consensus over […]

Accord for Scotland and Catalonia to Become Independent Simultaneously

Mark McNaught Scots and Catalans are already independent in spirit, now we must work together to reclaim our sovereignty and become independent in fact. The similarities between the political situations in Scotland and Catalonia are striking. Both lost their sovereignty at nearly the same historical moment. Scotland got scammed out of their government in 1707 […]

Why the war in Syria is not a Scottish war – MM

From a researcher at the London based Independent Newspaper: During the referendum campaign, David Cameron made much of the wars Scotland had fought in on Westminster’s behalf, to make the argument that Scotland and Westminster were ‘better together’. For the 308 years since Scots were scammed out of their independence and Parliament by a coterie […]

The Outsourcing of Scotland’s Sovereignty

After having witnessed the Glasgow count on the night of September 18th, certain things didn’t feel right in retrospect. The Emirates Arena was huge, and the count could have been effectively completed in a much smaller area. Monitors like myself were able to watch the volunteer counters count he ballots, yet observing where the ballots […]