Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS) launch event in Kelty, Fife

Fife Council is embarking on a pilot study to test out the concept of a Citizen’s Basic Income (CBI) and this was a public engagement meeting to gather citizens’ input at the start of that process along with keynote speakers from academia, political parties and the Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland, who were hosting this event at the brand new Kelty Community Centre in Fife. We livestreamed the whole event and can present the content of the morning and afternoon sessions in full spread across the 16 video clips below.

Morning session – finding out about Citizen’s Basic Income (CBI)

Introduction from Willie Sullivan, CBINS chair
Introduction to CBINS from Maddy Halliday, CBINS trustee
“Basic income: what & why?” Prof Karl Widerquist, co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)
“Why Fife?”, Paul Vaughn, Head, Community and Corporate Development, Fife Council

Conclusions from table discussion about the CBI concept

Reports from the table discussions on CBI

Afternoon Session – getting to a pilot

Annie Miller, CBINS trustee, introduces the session on the Fife pilot
“Why a pilot?” Prof Mike Danson, CBINS trustee

“The pros and cons of a pilot”, Prof Karl Widerquist
Q&A session about the Fife pilot
Conclusions from the table discussions about the pilot

Party political views

Alex Rowley MSP, Deputy leader of Scottish Labour
Dave Dempsey, Conservative group leader on Fife Council
Maggie Chapman, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party
Cllr Lesley Lewis (Labour), deputy leader, Fife Council
Ronnie Cowan MP (SNP)

Final contributions from the hall

Concluding contributions

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