My first LIVE STREAM… from Wales.

Media is changing and there is no better group that reflects that than Independence Live. I loved how raw and real live streaming could be. No editing, no filters just live feed from all around the country.

An opportunity arose where I could live stream an event from my country of Wales to show support and good luck to Scotland in its referendum. I was nervous as I had never live streamed before and we were borrowing the tablet device also! As soon as I opened the app, everything ran smoothly. I could even get feedback from the viewers as it was happening! It was a great experience to share such an event with thousands of others and one I am looking forward to doing again in future.

The guys at Independence Live are really friendly and helpful and talked me through everything. From what equipment I’d need to login details and Wi-Fi. I had a great time and made friends along the way. If you’re someone who wants to share an experience and like to be behind the camera, give it a go!

Click link to see live stream… Wales Supporting YES – Cymru’n Cefnogi IE

Published by Branwen Alaw Evans

I have ME so the internet is really vital to me. It feels good to contribute to the movement. I'm 21. I'm also a welsh language activist and also help out with CND Cymru.

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    1. Hi Kristin – on a phone or tablet (iOS or Android) install the free app from Livestream. Within a couple of minutes you can be livestreaming. You really just need a mobile device, the app and an internet connection. To stabilise the picture for viewers, we mount our tablets on a standard tripod using tablet holders available from Amazon.

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