Episode 8 of our podcast “The Stream Will Never Die” is now available. You can listen to the podcast in a number of ways:

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In this week’s episode, Gavin and Gerry introduce three clips from livestreams from the week gone by: Simon Harris on Spanish Elections, Sean Clerkin with a New Year’s message from the Scottish Resistance and David McGowran’s reflections on post-referendum Scotland. We finish off the year with a retrospective selection of 10 clips from 2015. Click on the screen grabs below to view the each livestream in full.

Simon Harris
Simon Harris analyses the ramifications of the hung result in the Spanish Elections in conversation with Mark McNaught on 23 Dec 2015
Sean Clerkin
Sean Clerkin gives a New Year message from the Scottish Resistance on 28 Dec 2015 looking to how people should campaign to remedy the inequality in society
David McGowran
An excerpt from an informal chat looking forward to 2016 with contributions from Simon Harris and David McGowran, livestreamed on 28 Dec 2015
Robin McAlpine speaking at Hope Over Fear - Seize the Day on 25 April 2015
Robin McAlpine speaking at Hope Over Fear – Seize the Day on 25 April 2015
Prof Kirstein Rummery
Prof Kirstein Rummery speculates about the Scotland Bill in advance of the UK general election in May 2015
Vivien Dance
Cllr Vivien Dance addresses the People’s Council in Oban in June 2015
Chris Cook
Chris Cook explains the Linlithgow Natural Grid, on the Sofa in July 2015
Tommy Sheridan
Tommy Sheridan addresses the March for Independence in Glasgow on 1 August 2015
Andy Wightman
Andy Wightman speaks on the topic of “Who owns Scotland’s land and how this matters in the 21st century?” on 8 Sep 2015
Richard Finlay
Richard Finlay delivers a keynote address to Class and Nation conference on 17 Sep 2015 on the subject of Britishness.
Jean Urquhart
Jean Urquhart addresses the launch of the RISE alliance on 29 Sep 2015
ScotPound - Duncan McCann
Audience discussion at the ScotPound event on 15 September 2015 chaired by Duncan McCann
John  Drummond
John Drummond in conversation with Mark McNaught about the absurdity of English Votes for English Laws on 3 Nov 2015

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