Scotland Not Consulted Only Insulted

England’s supreme court has ruled that it is not Scotland’s concern what the UK parliament does. Legally we are nothing. We don’t exist as a political entity as far as the Supreme Court is concerned. All power, all of it, remains with the London parliament, which is sovereign.

Devolution, more powers, federation, home rule, sovereignty, the Smith Commission, the Sewell convention, legislative consent, the Scotland Act, the Edinburgh Agreement etc. None of this is worth the countless hours of bluff and bluster that has been spent on them. We are nothing. We are powerless.

The unbridled joy of unionists at this decision is as good an example as you can get of the madness of Scottish Unionism. An English court rules that the Scottish Parliament has no say in Scotland being dragged out of the EU against our will and there are yoons dancing in the streets like a David Bowie video. Those in Scotland who celebrate this as some kind of victory clearly need counselling for self-harm tendencies.

A sovereign Scottish Parliament is required.
A sovereign Scottish Parliament is required.

In another part of the ruling, an Act of parliament is now required in the houses of parliament to trigger article 50. This is an embarrassment for Theresa May who attempted to usurp parliament and implement a dictatorship in its place.

So what now? The SNP will attempt to debate the terms of the negotiating position to stop a hard Brexit and ensure Scotland remains in the single market. No one can accuse the SNP of not trying to meet May in the middle ground, even offering to remove indyref2 from the table for now if a solution could be found to cater for what Scots voted for. Despite May’s platitudes about inclusion for the SNP in every step of the process she has tried to keep that very process from Parliament, she has refused any compromise position, not taken on board a single SNP recommendation and instead has continued down the hard right, hard Brexit isolationist path.

May is cutting the UK off from our European trading partners and replacing openness, respect and equality with suspicion, barriers and arrogance all based on the false premise of the EU and migrants being a drain on the UK economy. This was the Tories fault. It’s their mess and also the democratic decision of the rest of the UK. With every day and every step they distance themselves from Europe, they inadvertently distance themselves from Scotland. Even died in the wool Unionists know this, especially the ones who believe in working class ideals and internationalism.

Thankfully, we in Scotland have an alternative. BREXIT MEANS SCEXIT. If they attempt to drag us out of the EU against our will while their English courts tell us we are powerless as they reign supreme in this ‘union of equals’ then we will have to play the only card we have by bringing sovereignty back to Edinburgh by winning a second independence referendum. It’s looking more likely than ever and I’m wondering how many more insults those who voted No in indyref1 can take. As we dust off those Yes banners for indyref2 I suggest we make some more for the new champions of our cause; those who voted No previously with sound reasoning but have now faced complete betrayal from Better Together, the Tories, and the little Britain isolationists.

It’s time to square the circle before we get stripped of our EU citizenship, have no say legally in our own future and suffer an increasingly cruel right wing government we did not vote for. We have one chance or we are no longer a country.

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  1. Someone suggested a while ago that all Scottish MPs resign, bye-elections be held in every constituency, with Independence being the SNP manifesto In each. Should the SNP have a majority, they convene in Edinburgh, declare their assembly to be the Independent government of Scotland chosen by the sovereign people, invite the devolved parliament at Holyrood to join them as the only parliament elected by the people, the engage, as the government of the Independent Scottish state, with Westminster for the division of the assets of the former UK.

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