Scottish Independence and the “Freeman Movement”

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DelBoy – Reporting as ever for IndependenceLive!

Hi Guys (and Gals)!

Derek McLean here, reporting as ever for! You may or may not have heard of “The Freeman movement”. It’s something that I’ve had a passing interest in, but only today has it become relevant. Let me explain.

Since the referendum has been and gone, apart from the disappointment we have all been through, I have felt a twang of something much worse – boredom. After a years worth of campaigning and involvement in a movement with incredible momentum, to find yourself back in the same system of injustice and drudgery and just being asked to accept it and move on, has left me with something of a void to fill.

After the referendum on the 19th, I awoke (grumpily) to a future that most likely isn’t Better Together. I was leaving for my holiday in Spain on the 20th, and I hadn’t packed my bags. So what did I do?

I built a website. And I had the idea of recruiting 2 million odd voters and taking on the establishment! “Say Yes to a Better Britain”. Lol. What can I say, I was upset, and thought well, we just have to play by the rules! And we’re still part of the UK!

However upon my return I came home to find tens of thousands of people had joined the SNP! There was a ’45’ movement, and that Alex Salmond had hinted at the possibility of a Unilateral Declaration of Independence ( My idea (good intentioned though it was) was the wrong one.

Having said that, I also read about the number of people crying foul of the referendum. I have since seen various video clips and photos claiming to prove that there was some funny business at hand. Now I can’t say one way or the other whether or not everything was above board, but I can say with certainty that there was scope for foul play.

A variety of Youtube videos claiming foul play at work in the referendum

Anyway, since coming home from my holiday, my friends brought me up to speed with the events which had been going on. One thing I had noticed, was that there was a number of groups trying to organise and collect signed declarations, culminating in a Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

My first thought was, that they are good hearted people who are just attempting to keep the momentum going by campaigning for UDI.  My second thought was that it seemed like an almost impossible task, given that many of those who weren’t as involved as some of us will have resigned themselves to a future ruled by Westminster once again due to the no vote.

So in order to combat my boredom, and combine it with my geeky love of technology, I decided to remove all of the Yes Party website content, and relaunch it as a site dedicated to gathering everyones Declarations in one place. If this idea is genuine and is going to work, then it needs to be in one place.

I launched it this morning (9am) , with one signatory (me). Already (11pm) the site has 792 people on it. And thats just based upon my limited outreach through my Facebook and Twitter!

The YesParty Website

Since finishing my work and coming home, I have received a mixture of appreciation and skepticism.

Before I launched the site, I looked up the Yes Scotland Declaration for guidance. They stipulated that you must be registered to vote for the online signature to count, and they asked for a name, postcode, and an email if you wanted kept up to date. So I added name and address with postcode to my sites form, ignoring the email, not so concerned for mass mailing everyone.

The Yes Scotland Declaration
The Yes Scotland Declaration

I then signed up for a Twitter account for YesParty (@yespartyscot), and started searching for #UDI and #indyref. Pretty quickly it became apparent that Pat Lee, the SNP councillor involved in the organisation of the BBC Bias protests, was receiving some flak on there over his plans regarding collecting the signatures for UDI. As you know, I myself covered through the BBC Bias protests, and have met Pat personally and have found him to be genuine and a nice guy in general.  If these trolls on Twitter believe what they tweet, then they don’t believe that he can complete this admittedly huge task of gathering 2 million signatures in order for the people of Scotland to unilaterally declare their independence.

Like I mentioned, I have received praise alongside criticism for the website. But I take criticism as constructive criticism. I was attacked over some facts which upon first inspection seemed valid. The Yes Party website declaration I built takes a name and postcode, but no signature. Yet many of the separate UDI Facebook groups I have seen have a PDF document which you print, write your name on, and sign, yet with no address or postcode. So I got to thinking.

A printed version of a declaration of independence
A printed version of a declaration of independence

Collecting 2 million plus signatures is a gargantuan task, however the Yes movement pre-referendum were fully mobilised across the length and breadth of Scotland, and managed to collaborate, organise, get together, and move forward as one coherent unit! Since then the talk of UDI, and the talk of Yes Alliances, seemed to me like great ideas, but ones that were split and missing an organising hub.

As an everyday person equal to each and every one of you, I am no expert on legalities. And neither are the people campaigning for UDI. However I can say that I’m good at web development, and I have knowledge in that field which can be applied.

I spoke to Pat earlier after having seen the flaming he received on Twitter. People were arguing that his declaration, although it had a signature, did not have a registered address. At the same time I was being attacked for collecting addresses, and not having a signature! The complete opposite!

That’s when it dawned on me.

The Freeman movement (yes, I take ages getting to the point) are a movement of people throughout the UK who have on their own declared independence from the state! This of course comes at a cost, because although as a sovereign you are not liable for things like parking or speeding tickets, it also means you don’t have a passport and can’t go on holiday. Also, as a fringe movement, the majority of people know nothing of it and so act accordingly. That includes police officers. And so when a police officer comes to do his job and someone doesn’t play ball with him, that guy probably gets arrested. And so that’s what happens with a lot of these ‘Freemen’. They get arrested, get jailed overnight, have to go to court, but once they get to court many of them cannot be prosecuted, as it is out of the court’s jurisdiction!

This is because a “free man of the land” is only bound by the Common Law, or Law of the Land, and not the administrative commercial law (Maritime Law) that the courts run on. Time to explain.

You (as a man or woman), are “representing” a “legal fiction” that came about through your registration of live birth, and your birth certificate!

Now i’m no expert, but the Freeman Movement explain to us how a man or a woman are not the same thing as a PERSON, and they tell us how we are “sold into slavery” at birth, by our parents, who unwittingly sign us over to the state when we are born!

A video on Maritime Law
John son of David, free man of the land
John son of David, free man of the land

Do you remember that guy ‘John son of David’ who got off on a speeding offence? He’s one of these ‘free men of the land’. He called himself that to the police because if he said he was ‘MR JOHN SMITH’ then he would suddenly find himself legally in the position of a PERSON, and not a man or a woman.

The difference is the jurisdiction.

Men and women live under the Common Law, and things like government are created to benefit man/womankind. A PERSON (all in capitals, look at any bill you have) is bound under Commercial Law (or Maritime Admiralty law).

Our parents, on signing the registration of birth, actually legally sign us over to the government, have relegated our status from a Man or a Woman, to the lowly status of a PERSON (words in capitals are LEGALESE), bound by the restrictions of the aforementioned CONTRACT.

A certificate certifies you, and a birth certificate certifies you to work for the UK PLC. Yes the UK is indeed a company. Please look all of this up, It’s all there!

The Freemen movement have their foundations of the Magna Carta 1215. Check it out. It is upon this basis in which they bravely choose (alone) to declare their independence. Guys like this John son of David (and others all over the UK, not just Scotland) have sent affidavits to Westminster reclaiming their rights as a man or woman under the common law, and rejecting their status as subjects of the oppressive UK.

In the Magna Carta it is what is referred to as ‘Lawful Rebellion’. They literally become “Free Men” or “Free Women” of the land, and as it is lawful, this is why John son of David was able to get away with speeding when the cops pulled him up. There are many other examples of this on Youtube.

My point is, it actually worked for these individuals! And they were unable to be prosecuted in court when it came down to it, because they stayed in the jurisdiction of Common Law, and did not submit to representing the legal fiction MR JOHN SMITH (or whomever) recorded on the birth certificate.

So this can actually work! When the Freemen lawfully claimed their sovereign rights back, the one thing they most certainly pointed out in their affidavit they sent to Westminster was the legal fiction they were choosing to abandon and cease representing. Like your name on a bill is all in capitals, so too is a town or postcode in your address. That’s why collecting the address seemed important.

Since “interviewing” Pat earlier (an informal phone call to be honest), I can also see the importance of a signature, but some people started telling Pat today that his signed declarations were no good without an address also! The opposite of what I was being told!

Whether or not the idea of the UDI is appealing to you, it does no harm (especially if you voted Yes) in adding your name to the list in order to get a mandate for independence  for the people of Scotland.

So the idea is now this. Register your name and address on, and (soon) you’ll be able to print off and sign a declaration too. And you’ll agree to keep your printed and signed Declaration of Independence in your house. At home, promising to surrender it upon demand.

This way, we get a real idea of the numbers involved, and if the magic figure of 2 million declarations are reached,  then the entire Yes movement will remobilise all by itself to collect the signatures. No one will have to run around all over Scotland picking up declarations where there is no need!

Sign up and declare your independence. If the numbers don’t reach the magic figure, then you’ll have lost a minute of your time. But when they do…

George (Freedom) Square, Glasgow
George (Freedom) Square, Glasgow

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  1. American police, both speaking personally and as official guidance, have provided advice to law enforcement on dealing with the similar sovereign citizen movement. These have noted the need for caution after a case in which two policemen were murdered by a sovereign citizen during a traffic stop.

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