Should Scotland’s MPs walk out of UK Parliament?

If Scotland’s democratically elected politicians are deliberately gagged in the UK Parliament then there is no Union. Last night that is exactly what transpired, as the Deputy Chair blocked the SNP’s Joanna Cherry from speaking in the vital Brexit debate, instead inviting the Brexit Minister Robin Walker to speak, who arrogantly and wrongly declared, “We have heard from all 4 corners of the United Kingdom”.

“incontrovertible proof of the contempt in which Scotland is held at Westminster”

Any democrat in Scotland should find this wholly unacceptable regardless of affiliation or opinion. In an affront to democracy and Scotland’s MPs, Lindsay Hoyle the Deputy Chair and Labour MP for Chorley for the last 20 years interrupted a stunned Joanna with “the Honourable Lady has come to an end, can we have the Minister please.”

The MP for Edinburgh South West, Johanna Cherry later explained,

“I had not finished speaking. This evening is the incontrovertible proof of the contempt in which Scotland is held at Westminster”

Ian Blackford, the SNP MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber summed the situation up well by telling Parliament

“I hope you can understand the frustration we all feel that only two SNP MPs have been called in this debate which is important to the future of Scotland and our position within Europe and I’m asking what you can do in this debate to ensure the voice of the people of Scotland is heard correctly”

To this, Deputy Chair Hoyle ominously said “You’ve done better than was going to happen” which seems to hint at a pre-conceived arrangement to lock the SNP out of the debate.


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Earlier, an SNP amendment that article 50 could not be implemented without agreement from all devolved parts of the UK was defeated 332-62 meaning Scotland and Northern Ireland’s distinctly different outlook on our European future will be ignored when it comes to leaving the EU. The SNP amendment read:

“The Prime Minister may not exercise the power under section 1(1) until at least 1 month after all of the Joint Ministerial Committee on European Negotiation have agreed a UK wide approach to, and objectives for, the UK’s negotiations for withdrawal from the EU”

The background to the farcical Westminster treatment came as the SNP had been shut out of the important debate on ‘The European Union (notification of withdrawal) Bill’ as it reached the committee stage. The SNP whip Marion Fellows was forced to approach the chair due to the SNP MPs being largely shut out of the debate pleading for Scotland’s MPs to be heard.

Following this, Lindsay Hoyle ‘allowed’ Joanna Cherry to speak although not for long before abruptly cutting her off. Joanna noted that members opposite got ample time to make their points and mentioned she too would take the opportunity to make her points. Hoyle, clearly not happy to hear SNP points bizarrely decided Joanna was finished.

A visibly insulted Alex Salmond then intervened with a point of order making it “quite clear Joanna Cherry had not resumed her seat” and that Hoyle was “reinterpreting the wishes of a member who was on their feet”. A stuttering Hoyle then said the chair was been taken advantage of and said “the house wants to hear what the Minister wants to say”. He also wrongly insinuated Alex Salmond had used ‘unparliamentary language’ before stating, “What I want to do is bring the Minister in”

The UK Parliament has taken ignoring the SNP to a whole new level by shutting them down against Parliamentary convention. The acting Chair said it was an important debate and he wanted to hear what the Minister had to say but clearly the SNP MPs were not important enough to him to hear Scotland’s perspective. The contempt in which SNP MPs are held in Westminster has never been more thinly disguised. This is undemocratic, unacceptable and should mark the day where all Scots stand together and say No More!

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  1. Both Holyrood and Westminster SNP should walk and send a clear message that any percieved Union between Scotland and Westminster was now over…

    1. The SNP have made a mockery of Scotland by their behaviour from day one of the 2015 Parliament. They have trodden the same road as UKIP in the EU Parliament and have reaped the same reward in alienating most of the other Members from all Parties. Even the Speaker and Deputy speaker now seem to have lost patience with their lack of respect for Parliamentary democracy.

      1. Lack of respect? In case you missed it, the only reason this ‘debate’ even took place was because #mayhem was taken to court to establish that it had to take place. Even then our ‘Democratic’ gov appealed against that. So your stance is free speech for south eastern English MPs, but none for elected Scottish MPs? The lone Tory mp from Scotland got more time than they did. Our country – Scotland – is entitled just as much as the other nations to speak up when English Tories try and tell us what is ‘best’ for us.

      2. think you have that round the wrong way Scotland MPs are being clearly discriminated against you would feelk the same if it was your mps being treated in this shocking and unacceptable manner

      3. Sorry Dennis but you’re on a different planet. Lack of respect for Parliament? Did you actually watch the video?

      4. Dennis if your MP representing your constituency was treated like this I would be shouting what an outrage, this is steamrollering Parliamentary democracy. Not so long ago the people and government of Scotland were told that it is a Union of equal partners. The fact that the MPs representing the people of Scotland are not going back in their box, as the often shouted instruction doesn’t make them disrespectful. They are working for the people they represent but are being thwarted by the actions of certain groups. It is those groups that are undermining the workings of democracy. I felt the reaction of our representatives was very restrained. If I were there I might’ve done a Hesseltine and swung the Mace with more accuracy than he managed. If Hoyle had been my MP I would be writing to him to let him know his vote from me and every body I speak to is in jeopardy. Is he yours?

        1. The real villain that you’re looking for regards to EU alienation is Daniel Hannan (Tory) long standing friend of Douglas Carsewell and Mark Recklass. He became an MEP in 1999 in order to get beside others in EU and convince them what a rotten to the core thing the EU is. I don’t know how much work he had to to bring Farage round. His sole task since Maastrich is to get UK out of Europe. Incidentally he (Hannan) is one of the authers, along with Reckless, Carsewell, M Fraser, Gove and others of that must read handbook, Direct Democracy An agenda for a New Model Party. You can download it. No matter what side we are on, this was written in 2005, what is now evident should make us all concerned, unless you are part of the New Model Party.

      5. I would say the SNP have lost patience with the speaker and deputy speakers lack of respect in my humble opinion which quite clearly doesn’t matter. A mockery of democracy.

      6. I think you have this the wrong way round. SNP are a democratically elected party which represents the majority of Scottish people. Since they won that majority, they have been treated with absolute contempt despite the fact they have always behaved in an exemplary manner. UKIP are a deceitful contemptuous party which supports ethnic nationalism. Just about the opposite in every way to the SNP party. Best do your homework Mr Gowland

      7. My god did you even watch the loosely called debate. The tories talked for more than a third of the time of the whole thing. Take your blinkers off man an get with the programme

  2. Sturgeon needs to convene a meeting of all of Scotland’s elected representatives – MPs, MEPs, and MSPs – and hold a vote on independence. If those representatives vote for disolution of the union, then they should issue a declaration of independence. This would be far more in line with what other nations have done.

      1. William is correct. Who are the legal representatives of the Peoples of Scotland UNDER LAW SCOTS. ? Clearly the Union Act Scotland 1706/7 is the instrument and any other law on Peoples Representatives Scotland. The devolved powers Holyrood would methinks be party to the question insofar as WMPs Scots Constituencies have a divided power base / remit. The Supreme Court ruling out devolved Parliaments from Art50 notice did not address these questions on account the Action being dealt with was in fact an appeal by UK Gov. Against an English High Court ruling – historic fact indicates that that was solely an English issue – use of Royal Prerogative. For me the principal issue to be resolved is the Human Rights issue on one’s Right to Identity AND MEANINGFUL Representation of the Peoples -UN and EUHuman Rights Court protocol / interpretation. Laws passed at Westminster under the Commons standing orders / procedures English Laws passed by English MPs ONLY ( and same for Welsh Scots NI ) would satisfy those protocols. However what has brought matters to a head these last few weeks is that is not the case legally ( since Commons Protocol / procedures are not law) and this Tory Gov. is hells bent on trying to avoid Parliament in the first place. It is clear to me that Scotland and NI ( maybe Wales) Peoples can NEVER be meaningfully Represented by the current law making process at Westminster. Get that sorted first and PDQ

    1. The Act of Union is not a Parliamentary Act as far as I understand. It is a treaty between two sovereign nations. All we need to do is convene such a meeting, formally repudiate it, hoist the Saltire over Hollyrood and tell the Sassenach to go away and polish their knobs.

      1. any treaty can be rescinded just like a contract it can be rescinded due to the manner that Scotland is being treated in Westminster.

    2. I agree we should go for it and issue a UDI totally illegal but all of Scotland’s representatives speak in one voice and dissolve this nasty one sided Union

    3. Totally agree. Should start a petition. Too many treaties and accords being completely disregarded. Nothing new there though eh.

  3. It’s simple and I’ve been sayin it for ages! Recall all MPs and if the house still refuse to let us have our say….. UDI

  4. No, they should NOT walk out. The SNP MP’s are the only real opposition to the tories. The 3 unionist MP’s would like nothing better than to strut their stuff that THEY were Scotland’s ONLY representation in westminster as (as they would spin it) “the SNP has abandoned the Scottish People”. It may be very frustration to continually be ignored and their amendments dismissed without reason… BUT the people do notice these efforts and what’s more they do see this as further proof of the increasing antipathy and irrelevance of westminster. The efforts of the SNP MP’s, however successful or not, are making conversions to Yes. Mike Dailly of the Govan Law Centre being the latest high profile conversion from No to Yes, just the other day. Indyref2 is still the best path to a simple and trouble free transition to Independence and these efforts, allied to the alternative of a Hard Brexit, and the support of our European friends, will deliver a landslide YES in the Autumn of 2018.

    1. Well said Andy. On a personal note, I knew Mike Dailly over a number of years, a fine solicitor who was, and as far as I know still is, doing his best for the put-upon and vulnerable people he represents. Frankly I was amazed when he supported B.T, so his conversion to the Yes side is very welcome, and I look forward to hear him speak when we begin Indyref2.

    2. I agree Andy. We may not have much of a voice in WM but at least we are there. Why give in to the ignorant bullies. If we pull out there will be absolutely NO opposition. Wait for Indy2 and then we walk with head held high. They want us to walk and let th do what they like to all of UK

    3. Andy Richardson – per my long winded comments above – by far the best line is to establish who are the Peoples Representatives of Scotland and by virtue of UN / EUCHR ( one’s human rights ) protocol test this under Law Scots – this would no doubt end up via the UK Supreme Court to be ruled on by EHCHR on account Westminster shenanigans does NOT permit The Peoples of Scotland the Human right of Identity and MEANINGFUL Representation ( Law making)

  5. My heart agrees with the two people above but my head says a statement from parliament is required, and recorded. If this does not agree with the Scottish MPs and they cannot accept it, then they should walk. It needs to be made public so that the people at home know what is happening and why. Stay calm and reasonable and keep everyone informed. We need to take people with us and not frighten them.

  6. The tories are terrified of the snp ministers, and their fresh new approach to politics ” namely telling the truth “. It’s OK for the parasites in the tory party to filibuster and wreck decent ideas, but it’s not OK for the snp to have their say??? I think everyone knows that parliament is a joke and filled mainly with self serving, greedy leeches, who put themselves and their own greed before the needs and wants of their constituencies.
    If the snp simply walk out the tories and everyone else will simply laugh at them. Stay there, till the job is done

  7. This is an outrageous affront to democratically elected Scottish representatives. I hope all fairminded folk will get behind this site and share this sorry episode for what it is. I agree wholeheartedly with Stephen Park and Graeme Strang. Enough is enough! We cannot take any more of this bullying and sidelining! Democracy my eye!

  8. Now’s not the time for a walkout. That would suit westminster ,its already known that the wishes of the Devolved Administrations wont be taken into account ( the time to walk out was on the introduction of EVEL & making the SNP MPs 2nd class MPs ) they have to play this out to the end or be accused of walking away, much much more humiliation is still to come for our Scottish MPs.

      1. Ros as i said much much more humiliation & People might wake up to the fact our MPs are being neutered in the Mother of All Parliaments . Democracy only applies when played by they’re rules the EU & the World watches.

  9. Something needs to be done to highlight to the Scottish people,the contempt in which their mp’s are held. Be it a walkout or a mass one/two minute turning of backs on the Westminster parliament.

  10. Although absolutely disgusted and outraged at the treatment of our “democratically elected” msp’s, walking out would play straight into their hands. They need to stay, if only to show no voters, whatever they’re allegiance, exactly how we are viewed by the English government.

  11. Although absolutely disgusted and outraged at the treatment of our “democratically elected” msp’s, walking out would play straight into their hands. They need to stay, if only to show no voters, whatever their allegiance, exactly how we are viewed by the English government.

  12. THE ANSWER IS: “YES” Westminister has always had nothing but contempt for, and bigotry against Scotland
    How they do, and how they have always got away with it beyond Believing.

  13. If this does not convince the No, nothing will, the fact that the speaker let it slip, that he had given the SNP more time than planed proves that it was all preplanned to keep our representative ‘s who were democratically elected to speak on our behalf in this house , nothing will, was waiting to hear about it on the news ,but unfortunately England have just changed their cricket captain ,so this has taken up more of the news

  14. Whist my heart says recall all MSP’s, my head says stay and fight it out. The other Parties would love a walk out as they would capitalise on it. Independence is coming and the more Westminster behaves in this way the more people will relalise that they have no interest in the Scottish people, only our resources!!

  15. it took one of the oldies alex salmond to show the snp mps how to show his anger at the treatment getting handed out to scotland i agree with other posts that the snp should have walked when they brought in evel but there is quite a few snp mps enjoying the limelight and the life of luxury that westminsters mps enjoy its time to stand up and show their metal we need all our mps fighting for scotland just now if we let westminster take scotland out of europe scotland will spiral into oblivion

  16. A decraration of independence, all the way.
    Other countries have claimed their independence in a similar manner.
    What we are witnessing is nothing but contempt for the Scottish people.
    This is not a democracy.
    We are being railroaded out of Europe against out wishes.

  17. The more Westminster contempt for Scotland is revealed, the stronger the case for independence becomes and the more voters come to our side. Walking out would achieve nothing. Yes its frustrating for the people and for our elected representatives but we must hold our nerve and remain calm. The longer we chip away at the fakeness of their democracy the more votes for YES we’ll gain when the time comes.

  18. My view is that all Scottish MPs should resign immediately, by-elections be held in every constituency. Each constituency have one platform, That Scotland Be an Independent Country. When am majority of pro-independence MPs are elected, they gather in Edinburgh, declare themselves to be the government elected by the Sovereign People of Scotland, declare independence, invite the Holyrood Parliament to join the and, as the parliament of a Sovereign State, negotiate with Westminster for the return of all that they have stolen from us, and the just sharing of the UK’s assets.

    1. Isn’t this what happened in 2015, when the SNP won almost every seat in Scotland bar 3, wasn’t that the time that we should have DEMANDED our voice either be heard or we leave. The Scottish people voted for INDEPENDENT minded MPs then, as members of an INDEPENDENCE party. WHAT is it that the people have to do to prove again & again that we want INDEPENDENCE/ Yes the vote was NO in 2014, (IF you believe for one minute that the POSTAL vote was 90%, I do not) But 2015 proved so much. Also that we were lied to AGAIN. So the people have their resounding backing to the SNP Party. That may possible have been our best chance ever to take our country back. The longer we stay tied to Westminster, the more time they have to destroy us & our country.

  19. This treatment of Scotland’s SNP MP’s is exposing the WM government, better than any other method we can employ, to be a government that is prepared to totally ignore the other half of its political Union.
    The UK is a partnership of two kingdoms – Scotland and England. It is supposed to be a partnership of equals!
    Mark Harper MP, Con, was allowed to speak for 28 minutes- Joanna Cherry MP, SNP and QC was allowed approx. 3 but most of that was defending her right to speak. One other SNP member was allowed to speak in a debate lasting hours; in addition we were frequently referred to as the “Nationalist” party.
    Last week a Con. MP and Knight of the Realm made ‘woof woof’ noises during Tasmina’s speech because ‘he thought she had snapped at the Minister and was only offering her a friendly canine salute’ – he was not penalised for that disrespect.
    The contempt for our MP’s , our Nation and our future is openly exhibited now and the H of C is our best recruiter for Independence BUT ONLY IF IT IS REPORTED. Our MP’s must sit it out – it won’t be for much longer.

  20. Dear Habib Steel, while I agree with many people and understand the feelings stated (with which I generally agree), your particular proposal is the best posted here! If we don’t have honourably respectable political solutions during our present position, then our Scottish Government must take successful action as soon as possible! Otherwise, there may be no more peaceful…we can’t simply ignore that corruption anymore!

  21. I think the time may well have come for a withdrawal from Westminster. I am reminded of the American colonists battle-cry “No Taxation without Representation”. We are only nominally part of this Union and the democratic defecit is now so ingrained as to make continuation pointless. Walk-out might even make the Unionist media, written and spoken, report the truth and bring this sorry state of affairs to a head and inspire/incite our people to demand Independence.
    I say take Catalonia as our example and go for UDI. I have had to wait all my life for Hibs to win Scottish Cup – don’t have time to wait much longer for our INDEPENDENCE.

  22. I wouldn’t support a walk-out at this point. The MPs were elected to represent their constituents at WM and to speak up for Scotland. These they have done to the best of their ability. That they are stymied at every turn Serves to highlight Tory and Lab contempt for Scotland, but the answer is not to abandon their electorate. I want them to keep on doing what they are doing: working hard, looking for solutions and showing up the moral vacuity of some of their peers. Scotland AND rUK needs this, as the Scottish MPs have been the only effective opposition to Tory austerity. I don’t know how they can bear to be there, but we owe them a debt of gratitude.

  23. A mass walk out of SNP MP’s over Scotland’s treatment in the run up to the triggering of article 50 will trigger a constitutional crisis. It will also mean two of the devolved nations are excluded from further deliberations. Brexit never was the wish of the British people it was a nasty racist divisive referendum based on lies, deception and hatred of foreigners culminating in the murder of Jo Cox. May and her Government has brought this on itself and it deserves all it gets.

  24. No, stay. This is not a game of musical chairs. They declared Evel among other issues, now this, what’s next blocking the Independence Referendum, or not recognizing the outcome? That’s the time to walk out, as we will never return and call a UDI with irrefutable evidence to the people of Scotland and the world.

  25. when there is very few mp’s from other parties at a debate the snp should tell the speaker that they will leave the house to allow the rest of the members present more time on their feet to speak on the subject. A right that is not extended to the snp. members They will return in one hour when the other 4 or five members left have had plenty of time to be on their feet. The members that were left would have to talk on the subject and the house would almost be silent for an hour

  26. No, I don’t believe they should walk out. They represent Scotland at Westminster – ALL of Scotland, including those who would vote against them in a heartbeat under normal circumstances.

    The SNP and Scottish Government made a promise to the people of Scotland and yes, even to those who voted no in 2014. In fact I’d say particularly to those who voted no in 2014. To respect that result, even when they (those who voted no), themselves do not. They pledged to participate in UK politics and political process. They do so because we asked them to and because we need them to. They are the first line of defence against Westminster legislation, Holyrood and the Scottish Government I’d say, being the second. Even if all they achieve in the trying is slowing down the carnage Westminster passes down, then they are achieving precious time bought.

    Pretty much dead certainty that if any of the Scottish unionist parties held the upper hand in either parly, we KNOW they’d simply comply and pass on the very worst policy decisions their respective ‘head offices’ come up with.

    Westminster politicians and especially the tory government NEED the SNP to either jump ship or get pushed. Its a game changer and a deal breaker both for them and those who still support the union in Scotland. Patience, procedure and method. Every political action has an inevitable political and legal consequence. THAT is what will break the political union. I’d say what the SG and the indy support require, is for Ms May and the Westminster parliament to ‘legally and irrevocably’ trigger the action which would remove Scotland and its citizens from the EU against its democratically mandated and express wishes. The procedural and legal consequence/response of this would/should be…?

    Westminster must be seen to act against the spirit of treaty of union, the Scotland Bill settlement and against the civil and human rights of the Scottish population. It must be proven beyond doubt that it acts selfishly against and to the detriment of the economic and constitutional wellbeing of Scotland’s population. So far they’re doing a bang up job of that.

    ‘Sides we don’t need such actions as ‘walk outs’ to become independent. We need only specifically mandate our representatives at any legal ballot. A referendum, GE or an SE would do it I’d reckon. All it requires is a majority of the people wanting it. 🙂

    1. Don’t you feel though that the provocation we are experiencing has a purpose? Are we being pushed into creating a constitutional crisis so Westminster can take some punitive action against either our MP’s or Holyrood? Their contempt for Scotland and the fact that they are not taking a single step towards placating Scotland or saving the union makes me suspect they have another agenda

      1. Yes. It is very deliberate provocation and it has a very definite purpose. I suspect though, the bait won’t be risen to.

        The constitutional crisis is already upon the UK and very shortly it is about to come to a head. The Westminster government NEED the First MInister to act rashly and in their interest. They NEED to see the SNP MPs leave that house in Westminster and they NEED to force the SG to be the ones seen to break the Scotland Bill Devolution settlement or indeed any parliamentary law. At the very least they, being fully aware that this constitutional crisis will almost certainly result in a referendum, require it to happen when it would benefit HMG most. That being… a declaration before A50 is triggered, or after A50 period is over and negotiations with the EU concluded.

        Rash action before = Sees Scottish Gov. act against their devolved remit and competences and against the agreed settlement and result of 2014. Until A50 is triggered by HMG Scotland has not been taken anywhere against its will, though our population has been very badly served by HMG in the past two years. There is the SGs compromise still on the table which tentatively retains both unions and there is always the possibility, however remote, that it will be accepted at the last moment.

        Referendum After the fact = UK gov can argue that Scotland technically agreed to UK brexit and massive constitutional change and they wouldn’t be wrong either. We would indeed, in those circumstances, have agreed to be party to hard Brexit UK and ALL that goes along with it in terms of economic and constitutional settlements with Europe. Neither the EU or EFTA would look favourably upon a Scotland that backed the current right wing border policy of the UK state, or was party to EU citizens use as bargaining chips.

        I’d say any referendum HAS to happen during the A50 period and as part of a specific legal procedure of action followed by consequence. As of Holyrood’s vote yesterday, the dominoes are pretty much all in line and no one, not a single soul, can say any of this has been engineered or instigated by the actions of the Scottish Government. Not Brexit. Not the Smith commission and the watered down devolution settlement. Not the exposed irrelevance of the Sewel Convention. Not the Supreme Court case and rulings. None of it was instigated by the Scottish government, but for those actions there are very real constitutional and legal consequences.

        We’ll soon find out.

  27. Absolutely not. This is yet another shameful Snp display of the usual faux outrage and grievance we have come to expect from the time-wasting Snp Mp’s. Joanna Cherry and other Snp Mp’s spoke more than 53 times during this debate. You are wasting your time airing non grievances from the Snp whose sole intent is to undermine the Brexit process at every turn as they know Brexit will sound the Snp’s indyref2 death knell.

    1. What planet are you living in?
      The SNP MPs are doing a sterling job trying to represent the Scottish electorate in trying and hostile circumstances.
      What is being shown at Westminster is the absolute contempt that they hold, not just Scotland, but Wales and Ireland. The so called “mother of all parliaments” is not democratic in way shape or form due to being dominated by English MPs.

  28. I appreciate the views that MP’s represent their constituents, but are powerless to help. They can assist in Holyrood, but ultimately Westminster controls the finances all major decisions. Do we wait until they grab more power via Brexit, sell our fishing industry down the river or insult our MP’s further? Who incidentally are representatives of Scotland and its people! Gandhi believed in a principle of non-violence and non-cooperation, personally I think its time, they will not give more powers to the Scottish parliament, therefore we should oppose Westminster’s jurisdiction in Holyrood, as not being representative of the people and walk, call referendum or UDI. The time for talking is over.

  29. Nobody should “walk”.
    All 56 SNP/Independent MPs should formally resign their seats thereby forcing 56 immediate by-elections and preventing the Brexit Bill being passed because Parliament will be unable to consult with Scotland as directed by the Courts.
    Meanwhile, the 56 by-elections can be fought on a single point manifesto – Independence. The other parties will be in complete chaos. First past the post will give a clear and unambiguous result on whether Scotland want Independence or not. If/When we achieve the necessary majority (we only need to win 30 seats!) we can legitimately declare UDI if Westminster refuse to recognise our claim.
    Simplest, fastest and easiest to achieve. Why are we not doing it already?

  30. We stay and fight. As Alex pointed out to the chair. You have your rules and you must abide by them. The more they break their rules the stronger our voice.

  31. I’m not in favour of SNP MPs walking out. The more we are seen to be ignored in the public eye, the more likely we are going to be seen as marginalised. It will be recorded that our MPs did everything they could under Westminster’s duress to do the best for thier country. Signing out after a successful indref2 to a grudged standing ovation should be reward enough.

  32. I do not think that we should walk out but continue to bring forward motions that matter to Scotland. By doing this we can demonstrate that this system does not work. It is clear however that the Scottish people must stand by our MP’s in their house of need. We should have an every day symbol that demonstrates our support. we should also demonstrate on their doorstep. Maybe we should all wear mockingjay pins. Maybe a childish idea but synbolic of the capital not listening (as in the films).

  33. Crybaby SNP
    Toys out the pram
    The Press would have a field day if they ran away from a battle
    Ai it stands now we are seen to be the victim of Westminster’s Tory party
    This all helps to condemn the English parliament as non responsive to Scotland
    I am sure a few more YES voters will likely be the result
    Would Wallace run ?
    Would Bruce run ?
    Get stuck in boys and girls!

  34. They definitely should walk out and refuse to take any salary or expenses. Then again they could stay and behave like grown ups and accept that the UK entered the EU as the UK and will leave the EU as the UK.

  35. Is there any recourse for complaint by the SMP’s about the behaviour of Hoyle to Parliament that is what I would like to know? Do things through the proper channels and beat them at their own game.
    Westmister is an old boys club not a democracy it is a disgrace to the modern society that we are living in. I am angry that we are being shut out this can only go on for so long before Scotland will finally call time on this sorry debacle and then we get some decent government in our own country.

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