Westminster, the real enemy

Seems to me that since the referendum Scotland’s pro-independence campaign have done what it always does after a defeat, starts fighting among itself. We have no voters coming to the yes movement on a daily basis. What must they think upon seeing all the infighting? These past months have saw egos getting in the way of […]

Accord for Scotland and Catalonia to Become Independent Simultaneously

Mark McNaught Scots and Catalans are already independent in spirit, now we must work together to reclaim our sovereignty and become independent in fact. The similarities between the political situations in Scotland and Catalonia are striking. Both lost their sovereignty at nearly the same historical moment. Scotland got scammed out of their government in 1707 […]

The Stream Will Never Die: the Independence Live podcast

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new venture, which is a regular podcast, presenting selected audio clips from our livestreams, with lots of scope to offer other features as this project develops. Subscribe on other software with the feed URL: http://independencelive.net/podcasts/rss.xml http://independencelive.net/media/001.mp3 Our first episode features highlights from: Juliet Swann on Holyrood voting […]

Catalan Parliament Declares the Start of the Independence Process

The roadmap to start building “an independent Catalan State in the form of a republic” has been approved this Monday by the Generalitat of Catalunya. The proposal, presented by the majority pro-independence parties, Junts Pel Sí and radical left CUP, establishes the “will to start the negotiations in order to create the democratic mandate for […]

Stockholm Syndrome, Propaganda And The Awakening

 The dark ages of perfidious unionism must end. It’s time to embrace that visceral feeling inside that tells you: independence is normal. This Insidious union of Scots and English parliaments is a symbiosis, which has proven to be parasitical as opposed to mutually beneficial. Times are changing and the awakening continues apace.  It’s time for that […]

Spanish PM Chased by Angry Shoppers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_0_mSy7yks The Spanish president Mariano Rajoy and the PP candidate in Sunday’s election in Catalunya, Xavier García Albiol, suddenly had to cancel a Tuesday evening walk through the center of Reus as dozens of people rose up in protest at their presence with cries for independence in scenes reminiscent of Sean Clerkin’s now infamous confrontation […]

Son o No Son: Catalans Will Continue to be European Citizens Regardless

Miriano Rajoy was left floundering on the issue of continued European rights for Catalans as the pressure mounts on the Madrid government ahead of this weekend’s quasi independence vote. The Spanish premiere bleated out yet more fearmongering via a mainstream media source, Onda Cero, commenting that the Catalan people would somehow lose their right to […]

A Loud Hello.

The last two years have been an amazing time in Scottish politics. So many people have found their voices and have powerful stories to tell three years ago I had never spoken in public but like many women have had the opportunity to share my vision of an Independent Scotland. This confidence will never be […]

BBC News favoured the No Campaign by a ratio of more than 2 to 1

BBC News favours the No Campaign by a ratio of more than 2 to 1 By Professor John Robertson (12/09/2014) Last night (Thursday 11th September) I watched BBC 1’s coverage of the events around the visit to Scotland of the three Westminster leaders and the press conference with First Minister, Alex Salmond. As the thirty-minute […]

The BBC’s Even Hand? One Egg-thrower and a Many Fascists Charge

Thanks to Professor John Robertson of the University of the West of Scotland for contributing this article. The BBC’s Even Hand? One Egg-thrower and a Many Fascists Charge. BBC Scotland Monitor: Report 21/9/14 Reporting Scotland 19th September 2014: The George Square ‘Scuffles’ Remember the egg-thrower? Remember, the ‘vile’ Yes supporter who egged one BT speaker […]