Theresa May has ‘Balfoured’ us

Driving to work yesterday a strange feeling enveloped me as I tried to compute the fact that another country is telling us we cannot have a mandated democratic vote. There was no other way to put it, I felt like a prisoner. I was being held in the UK against my will. In Robert Louis […]

Did Nicola Sturgeon just announce indyref2?

In a week where Tesco decided to boycott their Scottish customers by ditching our flag and Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t find a seat on a train, some real politics actually happened today. Following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement she would explore all options to protect Scotland’s place in the EU, she has all but concluded that will mean a […]

May, Sturgeon and the Treacherous Tory Trap

Confidence trickster Theresa May is attempting to lure Nicola Sturgeon into blocking a second referendum on independence.  Given the historically contemptuous attitude by unionist parties towards Scotland, it will shock very few that Theresa May is laying a devious political trap for Scotland’s First Minister by offering to include her in all aspects of the […]

The Glorious Union versus #SNPbad

Today hailed the first weekly Holyrood gathering of 2016 as our MSPs and party leaders clarified their outlook for the forthcoming election year in Scotland. The debate started off as usual with ‘thoughts for reflection’ and upon reflection, and after hearing the debate, it seems clear this year will see continued blind attacks on the policy […]

The Stream Will Never Die – episode 6 Episode 6 of our podcast “The Stream Will Never Die” is now available. You can listen to the podcast in a number of ways: Download or stream directly: Subscribe via iTunes: Use the RSS feed to subscribe in other podcast applications: In this week’s episode, Gerry and Gavin introduces clips from […]

You don’t usually ask permission…

The mainstream media have had a field day this week. The reason, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s journey around the USA and in particular her appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they seemed to have missed the point entirely however, but hey, what is new? Sturgeon billed as a comedian confidently put show host […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Scotland, the tolerant nation, now becoming increasingly intolerant; well of lying scheming politicians, in this case Alistair Carmichael, the ex Scottish Secretary who now takes full responsibility for the memo leak. You all remember that memo, the one where Nicola and the French ambassador Sylvie Bermann were supposed to have some conversation where Nicola said […]