Is The Tide Turning Towards Independence?

Is the tide turning towards independence? The way to look at it is this. The vote in 2014 was a half and half split given that YES was leading and only swung back in the last week with ‘The Vow’ and various other breaches of purdah. Many Scots were taken to manager’s meetings where they […]

Well East Coast Boys Are Hip: I Really Dig Those Styles

This article is by Erik Sandberg, co-producer of Big Gold Dream and is reblogged with permission from Kiltr. The film is a fantastic achievement and the result of an inspired vision by Producer Grant McPhee and taken forward collaboratively by Erik Sandberg, Innes Reekie and Angela Slaven who ensured the film came to fruition. I’ll […]

#ScotRef: Westminster using Brexit to close the door on Scottish independence

It is increasingly clear that the Brexit process is being used by Westminster as an opportunity to close the door, once and for all if possible, on any practicable route for Scotland to gain independence.   The hostile rhetoric coming from Westminster in recent weeks regarding Scottish independence and a pre-Brexit referendum, in contrast to […]

Should Scotland’s MPs walk out of UK Parliament?

If Scotland’s democratically elected politicians are deliberately gagged in the UK Parliament then there is no Union. Last night that is exactly what transpired, as the Deputy Chair blocked the SNP’s Joanna Cherry from speaking in the vital Brexit debate, instead inviting the Brexit Minister Robin Walker to speak, who arrogantly and wrongly declared, “We […]

Brexit, Hannah Bardell and Trainspotting

MP’s have once again followed parliamentary tradition, ignored available efficiencies of the digital age and traipsed through the Aye and No division lobbies.  This time, the regressive outcome is the European Union Bill (Brexit Bill) passing it’s first HoC debating stage.  498 of our parliamentary representatives voted for the UK to become an isolationist backwater and […]

Brexit Max – the shafting

Things we know from the Tory conference. Forget about the single market, migration controls will be severe, the economic consequences will be devastating and you should prepare to suffer. Theresa May and Ruth Davidson have less integrity than a floppy disk on top of a magnet. Ruth clearly takes her orders from London. They both […]

Accord for Scotland and Catalonia to Become Independent Simultaneously

Mark McNaught Scots and Catalans are already independent in spirit, now we must work together to reclaim our sovereignty and become independent in fact. The similarities between the political situations in Scotland and Catalonia are striking. Both lost their sovereignty at nearly the same historical moment. Scotland got scammed out of their government in 1707 […]

Of Scotland’s Second Enlightenment

Of Scotland’s Second Enlightenment By Craig Sheridan   The light is not dying just timidly dimmed Amassing the courage to forsake him Upsurge of spirit forged from repression Undaunted prosecution of valour’s redressing   The light is not dying its an attempt to betray folk Can’t extinguish flame eternal with mirrors and smoke Unmasking false […]

You don’t usually ask permission…

The mainstream media have had a field day this week. The reason, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s journey around the USA and in particular her appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they seemed to have missed the point entirely however, but hey, what is new? Sturgeon billed as a comedian confidently put show host […]

Scottish Independence and the “Freeman Movement”

Hi Guys (and Gals)! Derek McLean here, reporting as ever for! You may or may not have heard of “The Freeman movement”. It’s something that I’ve had a passing interest in, but only today has it become relevant. Let me explain. Since the referendum has been and gone, apart from the disappointment we have […]