The Scottish Government Are Being Filibustered

Just over 1 year ago, March 28th 2017 to be exact The Scottish Parliament voted for a second referendum on independence by 69 to 59 in favour of seeking permission for a referendum before the UK leaves the EU. About 1 week earlier in advance of this Theresa May first uttered her ‘Now is not the time’ mantra for the first time.

From that vote, Nicola Sturgeon won approval for the Scottish Government to negotiate with the UK Government for a Section 30 order enabling a second independence referendum as happened in 2014. The request in the First Ministers own words was for this to happen between “…Autumn next year [2018] and the Spring of 2019” in her letter duly sent on behalf of the Scottish Government to Theresa May and the UK government.

For over 1 year now the UK government response to that formal request has been to shamefully give no formal response. Instead the MayBot has continued to publicly repeat her mantra with no reason moral, legal or democratic given. This is how we are treated in the ‘union of equals’. It’s how we always have been and its how we always will be.

The time is now and urgently so. It’s time for the Scottish Government to urgently force the answer one way or the other. It’s time for the Scottish Government to use the mandate we gave them in May 2016 when 69 of 129 MSPs were voted in on an independence referendum card. It’s time for Scotland to set out our own plan and path.

Increasingly there’s concern among independence supporters that the current inaction from the Scottish Government and mixed messages from SNP Parliamentarians will result in being Brexited against our will followed by an expired mandate in 2021 both things resulting in a situation where gaining independence will be infinitely more difficult. Various pro-independence commentators have had their say. Peter A. Bell has led the charge for a referendum at the earliest end of the window in September 2018 although as time drags on this is now highly unlikely. Peter has asked a series of pertinent questions around the consequence of delay and encouraging debate around UK Gov plans to strip the Scottish Parliament of power.

Peter is right: The Tories plan to legally challenge the Scottish Parliaments Continuity Bill in the Supreme Court. They plan to grab our devolved power residing in Brussels and create UK wide common frameworks and this is most likely a precursor to an overarching plan to turn the Scottish Parliament into a passive and powerless empty shell of unionist overlordship. The formidable Brit bullying, conning and spin machine is already working to stop us and Pete encourages urgency to avoid“the corrosive regret at having missed our opportunity. The shame of having consigned Scotland to its fate from fearful inertia”.

Stu Campbell is right: The inimitable thorn in the side of the mass media over at Wings Towers says the Scottish Government have little to lose by legislating for a referendum and poses the question ‘What if the UK government just says “Now is not the time” forever?’. Indeed, if there’s inevitability about a referendum attempt finding itself in court then let’s get the ball rolling without setting an actual referendum date.

James Kelly is right: The ScotGoesPop psephologist adds that before legislating for a referendum the Scottish Parliament should place a clear Yes/No deadline on the unanswered section 30 request. This is indeed important to be seen to have chosen the collaborative process before heading down the unilateral pathway.

Our adversories are taking us for mugs and playing us for time. They are acutely aware their own hand strengthens with each day of our inaction. We all may not agree on the exact timing of the referendum but we can unite towards the next series of required steps involving a section 30 response deadline, legislating for a second independence referendum and getting a supreme court decision following the inevitable challenge. That should leave enough time to use that precious mandate, just. It feels like we’re in the 90th minute of a football match with only injury time remaining, the opposition are time wasting and we’re giving them the ball back every time we have possession. The final whistle will indicate our defeat. Tic Toc.

Oh and Theresa, now is not the time for another immoral war based on false flags.






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  1. @Indy Live

    Its much more dangerous than just a filibuster. This may be Westminster’s attempt at a constitutional ‘Sucker Punch”.

    Scotland is potentially being set up for a full on assault on its sovereignty. The Westminster machinations Peter Bell and others catalogue illustrate Westminster is not waiting for Scotland to decide…Westminster appears to be set to pull the whole independence ground from under Scotland’s feet.

    Of course we all hope for the best. But it is terminal not to plan for the worst (an increasingly possible) event. If events conspire against orderly timetable (eg. the entire Brexit explodes) and Westminster’s actions result in Scotland’s sovereignty being in imminent danger in a matter of days or weeks…. what options does Scotland have.

    Too many are being lulled by the official Brexit timetable (29 March 2019) or the pantomime of Mundell incompetence. Both this factors are more likely deliberate smoke and mirrors to distract the public from its agenda. Westminster appears to be orchestrating a series of outcomes where Scotland has no say until it is hemmed in with no other options.

    David Mundell may appear bumbling but each failure just moves decisions from scrutiny where Scotland has valid representation to forums where they don’t and the outcome can be controlled by Westminster…not Scotland.

    It is folly to bank on the official timetable Brexit timetable Every month that passes, every strange Brexit speech by May/Boris/Davis, every fracas on the Irish border and the DUP, illustrates that Westminster is not really interested in any deal….and NO…the transition period is not your buffer. The transition is actually after the UK has already legally left the EU and Westminster has enacted its Henry VIII legislation.

    ….BEWARE of those Henry VIII powers Westminster is legislating for Brexit. They are insidious and scary, as they do not appear to have limits on their effects

    Even working from the best case scenario where Brexit goes to schedule: This is what the dates look like:

    13/04/2018 – today
    29/03/2019 – BREXIT DATE

    Scotland now has to do in less than 6 months what it took 2 years to organise for the 2014 indy ref. Think about it. In a best case scenario, there is less than 6 months.

    Scotland is potentially facing a real and existential threat to its sovereignty. The very specific events that triggered the SNP’s referendum mandate are not just about re-running 2014 Indy-Ref. These current circumstances and the subsequent actions of Westminster (political, legal, and even cultural) are coalescing in a radically different constitutional and sovereignty issues for Scotland…only exacerbated by a sickeningly fast approaching time limit on any action to protect Scotland’s sovereignty.

    If the UK crashes out, or Westminster moves its legislative agenda against Scotland forward, a referendum may need to be called much earlier. I.e you could be left with only months or weeks notice.

    In the very worst case, (which unfortunately has a possibility of coming to fruition) what would Scotland do if the only way to protect its sovereignty was to issue a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI). Has the SNP got its legal/constitutional ducks lined up? Has the YES movement got itself into a position that it can ride the wave of events to push support for independence to over 50%? Has the movement ever thought about organising mass rallies needed to push its case at a moments notice if there is no time to call a referendum.

    Time is slipping away and as Westminster is increasingly signalling it will not countenance what it sees as a rogue authority that hinders it….That cliff edge is looking ever more terrifying by the day.

  2. This latest illegal bombing without WM consent. Should be the final straw for Sturgeon. It’s proof the May intends to bypass and deny democracy.

    There will be no negotiations, it’s going nowhere. They are playing for time! Their plan is to make us stay until after 2019 and then destroy us. They are already setting up executive offices in Edinburgh to facilitate the powers they are retaining in London.

    The SNP need to tell us how they are going to prevent this and now.

    1. @Big Jock

      I am glad to see other YES people realise the clear and pressing danger.

      Reading the forums, the majority of YES seem subconsciously mired in the 2014 idea of SELF-DETERMINATION not the current threat I would term as SELF-PRESERVATION.

      I have also yet to see any real acknowledgement that post-Brexit UK will not resemble the current UK. Once Brexit Bill is signed, the ramifications of Henry VIII powers in the hands of this Tory executive –where Ministers have unfettered power to make law without parliament will radically change the nature of the UK….(look at any country that has had that power in the past…It even took England over 150 years and a revolution to establish parliament over rule by decree)

      Happy Unicorns to you.

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