Why the war in Syria is not a Scottish war – MM

From a researcher at the London based Independent Newspaper:

During the referendum campaign, David Cameron made much of the wars Scotland had fought in on Westminster’s behalf, to make the argument that Scotland and Westminster were ‘better together’.

For the 308 years since Scots were scammed out of their independence and Parliament by a coterie of ruined nobles (Google Darien Scheme), they have been dragged into countless Westminster imperial wars.

Look no further when pondering why among Scottish MP’s, 56 SNP, and the solitary Labour MP (96% of Scotland’s MP’s), voted against bombing Syria. ‘Better together’ is now a punch line, and the ‘union’ is further doomed.

Were this war to have anything to do with meaningfully fighting terrorism on the British Isles, Scots would offer their wholehearted support. Regrettably, it is increasingly apparent that Syria is just one more imperial war, at the twilight of a withering Westminster empire. Scots have seen this show before, and their youth get invariably butchered in the process. Enough is enough.

Let me get this straight. There are attacks in Paris, and for some reason French start bombing Syria (the attackers were French and Belgian nationals) adding to an already crowded field. They then implore their British ‘friends’ to help them. Instead of telling the French what they can do with their Foie Gras as is standard practice, a broad majority of the House of Commons votes to join in common cause with Russia, the United States, Jordan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Canada, Turkey, United Arab Emirates. That is, bomb Syria so one of two gas pipelines can be built. The factional lines are drawn over which one.

Both pipelines seek to get gas to the European market. On the one hand, there is the US, Saudi, and Qatari-backed pipeline running through Syria. On the other hand, there is the Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria pipeline. In the lingo of the old American West, ‘This town ain’t big enough for the two of us”.

Yes there are factional and religious components to the Syrian conflict, but you wouldn’t have 11 countries bombing Syria if there was not a strong financial interest. Would Westminster bomb Syria if it was merely for humanitarian purposes? D’uh. That’s not the imperial way.

Eleven countries are now bombing Syria to eliminate ISIS, ISIL, Dayesh, or whatever. They are seeking to control over a potentially lucrative piece of land which would be very profitable for the petroligarchs, who heavily influence innumerable political systems, including the UK. Westminster just can’t stand being left out of the game.

Like Communism before it, terrorism is now the justification for US backed ‘western’ imperialism, draining treasuries to spend on military hardware, completely out of proportion to the threat posed.

Having been essentially part of a Westminster colony since 1707, Scots can see this clearly. They have seen over the centuries how the justification for imperial wars have been cloaked in divine right, communism or whatever. Cloaking an imperial war to secure pipeline rights in ‘the war on terror’ is equally transparent. What has Syria to do with Paris, the London Tube bombings, or any attacks on the UK?

Despite the referendum result, Westminster has now definitively lost Scotland. Expect an upcoming vote to renew Trident nuclear weapons only miles from Scotland’s largest population centre to definitively end the ‘Union’. No worries. Once Scotland casts off the UK feudal system, Trident submarines can just as easily be placed on the Thames next to Westminster.

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  1. Increasingly Scotland wants different things to those living south of the border. An overwhelming majority did not agree with bombing Syria, do not want Trident, do not agree with austerity cuts, did not want a Tory (or indeed Labour) government. We are being forced into all of these things against our will. Whilst I accept that the result of the 2014 independence referendum was allegedly in favour of staying in the union, many people were scared to vote ‘yes’ because of the media scaremongering, threats from employers, the idea that pensions could be at stake, etc. etc. Things have changed drastically within the last year and many realise they had the wool pulled over their eyes and are disgusted with the turn of events in recent days, weeks, months. We are different countries with a different mentality, needs and views. Not in our name!

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